OURDOTS Community NFT Airdrop

1/1 NFT collection created for the hodler community who fractionalized Damien Hirst's #2128 from The Currency on HENI.com
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About the Project

An experiment in community building and fractional ownership with NFTs. In October of 2021 I had the privilege to be invited to join a small community of 16 people who joined forces to make a group PartyBid purchase of a 1/1 Damien Hirst artwork, #2128 That doesn't sound too good from The Currency by Heni with the mission of fractionalizing ownership of the high-end art piece to make fine art ownership available to a broader community of new collectors. Upon successfully purchasing the piece we successfully shared ownership with a total community of 60 individuals who each contributed Ethereum to own a portion of the NFT.

As recognition for each individuals contribution to the whole, the original core group sponsored the creation of an NFT collection to be airdropped to each participant in the project. I was selected for the honor of creating the NFT collection — the below work was the result.

👉 OURDOTS NFT Collection on OpenSea

🥳 PartyBid Page

🖼 2128, The Currency by Damien Hirst

The Concept

Create a collection of 1/1 NFTs representing the unique contribution of each individual participant with the spectrum of unique colors in the Hirst artwork. The original piece (see bottom) features an array of uniquely colored dots and drips. To create the 1/1 NFT collection, I manually extracted the color of individual dots to create unique 'color swatches' for each participant.

👉 OURDOTS NFT Collection on OpenSea

Image Details = PNG 3,000px x 3,000px (300 dpi)

Blockchain = Polygon

NFT Market = OpenSea.io

Collection Overview
60 unique 1/1 NFTs created for the OURDOTS hodler community

The Execution

To complete the airdrop I used a scraping tool to snapshot the list of hodlers from the PartyBid page and used Airtable to clean/extract ENS names and wallet addresses. I then minted a custom collection on OpenSea using the Polygon blockchain for its minimal gas fees and free transfers. Once minted, I individually transferred each NFT to community members and the team announced the airdrop on Twitter and through our community Discord server.

2128, The Currency by Damien Hirst

2128 from The Currency by Damien Hirst on HENI.com

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