Automating Screenshots for UX & Design Auditing

Building automated workflows to rapidly capture screenshots of entire websites in one go.


ShotCaller is a simple script to enable anyone to rapidly catalogue and capture the links and screenshots of every page in a web domain.

The Problem:

For designers and strategists working in digital, the process of capturing screen shots, even when using shot-capture tools, is a heavily manual process that can eat up a lot of time and energy.


To alleviate this pain point for myself, I used Apple's AppleScript and Automator app to develop an automated workflow for rapidly capturing screenshots of every page of website.

How It Works:

  • Ask the user for a URL to audit
  • Pass the user-provided URL into the Automator app and retrieve all links from within HTML content of the user-provided URL
  • Filter the resulting list of returned links to remove any external links (creating a target list of all links within the given URL domain)
  • Then use scripting to open each link in Google Chrome and capture a full-page screen shot using Chrome Dev Tools shortcuts
  • Resulting images are saved by default to the download folder or desktop (depending on device settings)

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